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Digit's Icons of Trust 2013

India's most important technology survey, the Icons of Trust empowers consumers by giving you the chance to tell the brands whose products you buy what you really think of them, how they can improve, and also, what they do well and should continue to do.

We're acting as a go between you and the brands, to give them honest and critical feedback, so they can improve their products, services and after-sales support, which means more sales for them, and a much better experience for you.

As an incentive, we're also giving away one Bumper Prize, and 10 special prizes. we are also giving every survey respondent a complimentary discount voucher, so tell your friends today!

Now that's definitely win-win for everyone!

if you have bought a product this year, from one of the categories below, just click on the icon to take the survey. All we ask is that you take the time to fill in the survey correctly, and are completely honest about the feedback you give. Each survey will take about 5 minutes to complete, but can potentially save you and other consumers such as yourself hundreds of hours of frustration by making brands improve.

Remember, only surveys with ALL answers filled in are eligible for the prizes and discount coupons.

Laptops / Ultrabooks / Notebooks / Netbooks   External Storage
New Icons of Trust 2013 – Laptops   New Icons of Trust 2013 - External Storage
Digit and all the technology brands in India thank you for taking the time to help us improve the technology buying experience in India.