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Best Android apps for web developers [Guest Feature]

Guest Feature*: Android-based smartphones have brought many web development apps for you. It is now easy......

09-05-2013 // read full Story
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Browsers are the new IDE for Web Development

The concept of self-replication, or the ability for something to create another version of itself has......

29-06-2012 // read full Story
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jQuery Mobile 1.1.0 Released

jQuery Mobile is a powerful jQuery-based framework for building websites for mobile devices. It is quite......

15-04-2012 // read full Story
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MoSync 3.0 Released

MoSync is an app development framework that anyone targeting multiple mobile platforms should be aware......

09-03-2012 // read full Story
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Adobe Shadow, a new Tool to Simplify Mobile Web Development

Adobe has released a new tool that aught to make web development simpler for those targeting mobile devices.There......

08-03-2012 // read full Story
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PHP 5.4 released

While PHP6 might be nowhere in sight, a major update to PHP 5 has come with the recent release of PHP......

07-03-2012 // read full Story

Google Releases JavaScript to Dart Translation Guide

Google hopes to make Dart one of the official languages of the web; but before that is feasible it will......

03-02-2012 // read full Story

A Look at the Upcoming Firefox Developer Features

Nearly every browser has an integrated suite of developer tools that can help debug and develop websites,......

25-01-2012 // read full Story

Google Ports Box2D to Dart

Dart, Google's JavaScript replacement might not be released or even complete yet, but Google is already......

12-01-2012 // read full Story

First Alpha of Django 1.4 Released

After an extended development targets have finally been set for Django 1.4 and the first alpha release......

27-12-2011 // read full Story
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