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OCZ launches Synapse Cache Series SSDs in India, starting Rs. 6,490

OCZ has launches its Synapse Cache Series 2.5-inch SSDs in India, with prices starting at Rs. 6,490 for......

18-07-2012 // read full Story
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SATA 6Gbps OCZ Agility 4 SSDs launched in India, starting from Rs. 6,450

OCZ has launches its new Agility 4 series of solid state drives in India, starting from Rs. 6,450 for......

22-06-2012 // read full Story
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Verbatim introduces SATA 3GB/s SSDs in Indian market, starting Rs. 5,500

Verbatim has launched a SATA 3GB/s internal 2.5-inch SSD, with 64GB starting from Rs. 5,500, and featuring......

27-03-2012 // read full Story

ADATA S599 128GB SSD [Review]

Even as breakthroughs in magnetic recording push HDD storage outwards, it is a sad fact that hard......

23-02-2011 // read full Story

Intel makes its first mSATA small form factor solid state drives - the 310 Series

Looks like the Intel SSD roadmap is on track, with the processor giant releasing the Soda Creek 310 Series......

30-12-2010 // read full Story

Transcend launches small form factor mSATA and half-slim solid state drives in India

Transcend has launched new solid state drives that will make owners of compatible laptops and netbooks......

23-12-2010 // read full Story

SanDisk introduces iSSD - a faster, smaller and higher capacity solid state drive

SanDisk has publically announced a first-of-its-kind solid state drive that offers higher capacities......

19-08-2010 // read full Story

Intel's 2011 roadmap for processors and SSDs revealed

Intel’s 2011 roadmap for SSDs and processors has been leaked, and has revealed some rather interesting......

16-08-2010 // read full Story

Toshiba launches new 7,200 RPM 2.5-inch SATA drives that outperform 3.5-inch drives

Toshiba has been right there at the cutting edge of computer science for while now, and regularly comes......

28-07-2010 // read full Story

Next generation gaming consoles - Expectation and speculation

Console gaming is one of a kind domain, where frequent updates and build refreshes are considered to......

30-06-2010 // read full Story
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