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Personal cybersecurity a minefield even for security experts

Everyone has eyes on you in the cyber world. Even the brightest minds in the digital world are in a constant......

17-05-2013 // read full Story
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Twitter adds DMARC authentication to prevent e-mail phishing

Twitter has announced it is using a new technology called Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting......

22-02-2013 // read full Story
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Cybercriminals set their sights on gamers: Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab's latest report on internet security finds that gamers are amongst the highest affected......

08-02-2013 // read full Story
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Major antivirus software revealed to be far less effective than expected

A little piece of information that always travelled in whispers has finally started gaining a loud voice.......

02-01-2013 // read full Story
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Malware threat to increase next year: Experts

The growing usages of mobile communication devices and an 'overlap of work and personal data' poses an......

16-11-2012 // read full Story
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Facebook phishing scam threatens to delete user accounts

Days after a massive spam attack hit Facebook, a new phishing scam has reportedly hit the social networking......

25-11-2011 // read full Story

Google pulls malware-ridden '' sub-domains from its search results

In a move that is likely to affect some millions of websites, Google has removed subdomain sites......

11-07-2011 // read full Story

India among the top 3 spam-sending nations in the world

It can certainly make one proud knowing your country is among the top 3 in the world, but if we’re......

03-09-2010 // read full Story

AVG 9 first look

Just recently Microsoft released the first version of its own anti-virus solution free for Windows owners,......

09-10-2009 // read full Story
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Gmail, Yahoo Mail also fall prey to phishing scam that leaked Hotmail passwords

Remember when the Hotmail passwords leaked yesterday and we spoke highly of how Gmail, even with its......

07-10-2009 // read full Story
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