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Iran blames Google Earth of spying, plans similar 'Islamic' service

The Iranian government has blamed Google Earth of being run by American, British and Israeli intelligence......

12-04-2013 // read full Story
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Iran launches YouTube-like video-sharing site, Mehr

Iran has launched a video-sharing website called Mehr in a bid to provide local users an alternative......

10-12-2012 // read full Story
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Iran readying state-controlled Internet system; blocks Google immediately

The Iranian government has announced that it is working on a “domestic Internet Network”,......

24-09-2012 // read full Story

Twitter hacked, again

This year has been as bad for Twitter as it has been good. Filled with downtime, document leaks and now......

18-12-2009 // read full Story

Indian gamer sets world record for longest GTA4 session

Chirantan Patnaik, a 26-year-old resident of Napean Sea Road, has set a new world record for the longest......

07-09-2009 // read full Story
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Opera Mini gets Fly customers online

Fly customers can now enjoy fast and easy access to the full Web with Opera MiniMeridian Mobile, a player......

23-05-2008 // read full Story
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