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Facebook Connect glitch brings the Internet to a standstill, temporarily

Facebook Connect, the sign-on tool Facebook uses to enable its accounts to serve as logins to other online......

08-02-2013 // read full Story

RockMelt: a new browser that promises to search, share, and stay in touch with ease

There’s a new browser in town, RockMelt, and for now, it is available on a limited beta release.......

08-11-2010 // read full Story

Airtel offers free Facebook access to more than 130 million subscribers!

Airtel has reportedly announced that it will offer free access to mobile Facebook users (comprising......

06-07-2010 // read full Story

Sophos Poll unearths Facebook's apparent loopholes to prevent Clickjacking attacks

Sophos, an IT security and data protection firm, has reportedly revealed that, 95% of those who exercised......

16-06-2010 // read full Story

iTunes to give its users Facebook Connect support

Half the world of software is doing almost anything to support Apple’s devices, and now, Apple......

06-04-2010 // read full Story
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