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Indonesian defense ministry plans to create its own 'Cyber Army'

The Indonesian Ministry of Defense is planning to create a special 'Cyber Army' to ward off threats from......

29-05-2013 // read full Story
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Twitter rolls out two-step authentication system to prevent hacking

After having suffered a series of hacking attacks a few months ago, Twitter has finally announced rolling......

23-05-2013 // read full Story
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Malware phishing with fake Facebook security check page detected

Trend Micro has spotted a malware sample, TSPY_MINOCDO.A, which targets Facebook users. The malware redirects......

02-05-2013 // read full Story
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Global market for cyber security solution to reach $870 mln by 2017: IDC

Research firm IDC points out at a sharp surge in the number of cyberattacks on websites of leading financial......

01-04-2013 // read full Story
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Users to spend 1.5 bln hours and $22 bln on dealing with malware: Report

A new study says malware found in pirated software is likely to have a massive impact on the time and......

25-03-2013 // read full Story
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Twitter adds DMARC authentication to prevent e-mail phishing

Twitter has announced it is using a new technology called Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting......

22-02-2013 // read full Story
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Government developing a cyber security architecture: NSA

In a bid to deal with the sabotage, espionage and other forms of cyber attacks, the government is developing......

22-01-2013 // read full Story
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Oracle patches Java Zero Day security threat

Early last week, security watchdogs raised a big hue and cry over the presence of a zero-day vulnerability......

14-01-2013 // read full Story
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PCs still prevalent target for malware authors: Report

Even as smartphones have emerged as the new targets for cybercriminals, PCs are still the 'prevalent'......

07-01-2013 // read full Story
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Businesses worry about Christmas Day attacks

Are businesses more susceptible to attack over major holidays? With so many organizations running skeleton......

25-12-2012 // read full Story
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