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Hands on with the HTC One SV at CES 2013

Red alert! Cricket Wireless has an Android phone with style. The HTC One SV is the regional wireless...

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CES 2013 Preview: Phones and Tablets

For the mobile world, CES is an appetizer rather than the main course, but don't worry: There will still...

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Hands on with the $20 Indian Android tablet

The cheapest Android tablet I've ever seen costs $20, with a $2 per month unlimited data plan, and I'm...

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Apple iPad (4th Generation, Wi-Fi) Review

Now in its fourth iteration in two years, the Apple iPad continues its reign as king. The best large...

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Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Review

Windows Phone 8 (WP8) is elegant, personable, and different. It absolutely shines for those who use their...

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Hands on with the iPad mini

Apple's trying to create a new market with the iPad mini: premium small tablets. Its chief tools are...

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Hands on with the Apple iPad (4th Generation)

Well, that was fast. After only six months, Apple has replaced the third-generation iPad with a new fourth-gen...

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Hands On: HTC One X+ and One VX

HTC's plan is elegance. That's clear now. The HTC One X+ and One VX are the company's new Android phones...

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5 things Microsoft Surface must do to beat the iPad

The Windows ship is leaking in a dozen places, pierced beneath the waterline by very pointy iPads. Where...

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Shooting with the Samsung Galaxy Camera

In a room full of phones, the camera stood out. I'm not sure whether the Samsung Galaxy Camera will be...

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