Cygnett Lavish Connect keyboard for iPad Review


Vishal Mathur

Digit Rating: Good
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  • Chunky key design
  • Good key travel
  • Integrated palm-rest is a God sent
  • Good quality materials used
  • Magnetic latch for keyboard keeps it stable


  • iPad tends to heat up significantly inside folio
Where to Buy

MRP: 7999


Out of all the bluetooth keyboards available for the iPad, the Cygnett Lavish Connect keyboard impresses the most because of the typing experience it offers. This is a well designed Folio case that keeps the iPad secure, and the additional flexibility of moving the keyboard around helps, something that most Folio cases don't offer. It's on the pricier side, but we would recommend this for the experience that it offers, something close to a full-fledged keyboard.

While they have added significant productivity value to the iPad, most Bluetooth keyboards still suffer from the “barely there” experience, the disappointments mainly being - key size, travel and the key spacing. Because most keyboards want to remain slim and small, the compromise on these aspects is very much visible. However, the Cygnett Lavish Connect Folio and the keyboard makes an honest attempt to overcome the compromises, while remaining compatible with the three generations of the iPad - 2nd gen, 3rd gen and the latest one, the 4th gen.


The black colour variant that we received for the review unit, looks very formal and business-like. The leather-like finish, with the same colour throughout is one that will pretty much have universal appeal. The material used is of very good quality, and can take a certain amount of abuse without tearing or scratching. Any impressions that may appear on the surface because of something kept on top of it, disappear quickly.


The Folio is designed for storing the iPad in a separate compartment, with a cut-away for the display and the home button.  On the back of this section is a pull-out stand that allows the iPad to be placed at an angle, useful for when you are working on documents, or watching a video. The Folio works with the second, third and fourth generation iPads. You can also use this with other tablets, as long as they can fit in the storage compartment.


When closed, the keyboard and the iPad sit snugly in an environment that's well protected against accidental spills or drops. When opened, the magnets on what turns out to be the platform prove to be quite useful in keeping the keyboard at a proper place. Most keyboards tend to be “placed” in front of the iPad, and while typing, you need to correct the angle multiple times. The Folio corrects this issue.


Speaking of which, while many iPad keyboards are terribly disappointing, the Cygnett Lavish Connect Bluetooth keyboard definitely does not. Unlike most such accessories, this one doesn’t compromise on the key size, key travel and best of all - has a proper palm-rest area to go with it.

Pairing it is a simple, one time process. The power toggle on the right spine of the keyboard allows you to save power by turning it off when not in use. Once paired, every time you switch on the keyboard, it’ll pick up the connection automatically, provided Bluetooth is active on the iPad.


Personally, being very finicky about keyboards and finding only select ones very comfortable, it was a pleasant surprise to find that this one is one of the better options in its category. The key design and size is on the chunkier size, reminiscent of the older HP Pavilion and the Toshiba Portege keyboards, before the shift over to the “island” style keys some years back. Travel is adequate, and assists in precision for accurate and quick typing. Yes, you will need to get used to the no-spacing design, that was possibly implemented in order to save space without actually having to make the keys smaller, but that's not a big hurdle to overcome. However, why this is one of the better keyboards around is not only because of the positives we have mentioned till now. It is also because of the fact that for once, we get a keyboard that doesn’t shirk away from the duty of providing a palm rest. The lack of a palm-rest is a major hindrance if you are typing out documents for considerable amounts of time at a stretch.

The MRP of the Cygnett Lavish Connect Folio and the keyboard is officially Rs. 7,999, but we have seen it available for around Rs. 5,900 on various shopping websites in India. If you are using the iPad as an alternative to the laptop, this is one accessory that you must consider buying. After all, the work done in comfort will always be better than that done under duress.

  • Type: Folio case with keyboard and stand
  • Compatibility: Apple iPad 2 / 3 / 4
  • Battery: Yes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Color: Black

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