Western Digital Scorpio Blue 750 GB Review


Michael Browne

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  • Good performance, at par with slower desktop drives
  • Just two platters and runs cooler as a result
  • Large storage capacity
  • Current street prices indicate reasonably good value


  • Performance still not at par with 7,200 rpm drives
  • WD provides a 3 year warranty for this drive, unlike 5 years for the Black Edition drives
MRP: 8215
Best price on junglee


750 GB is a lot of storage space. And the WD7500BVPT is a good performer. If you ignore the high MSRP (Rs. 8,215) and look to the street, you can find this drive for as little as Rs. 6,400 - a price point at which we cannot complain. 500 GB is at the sweet spot for capacity versus price however, and these drives are disproportionately cheaper. It will take a while for 750 GB to become the norm. If you can wait, prices might fall further within six months. However, if you need the space, and can afford to shell out, you'll definitely not be disappointed.

With the entry of massive 3-terabyte drives in the desktop space, it's all too easy to forget advancements made in the notebook hard drive arena. And these are technologically harder to achieve. Notebook drives have a much smaller form factor than their desktop counterparts, despite the seemingly meagre one-inch difference in quoted size, notebook drives are positively diminutive when compared to desktop drives. They also have to produce less heat and less noise. Unfortunately, they don't get any concessions in terms of speed, for we run the same operating systems on them. We also received a shiny new Western Digital Black Edition WDC WD75000BPKT, which was announced at the CES 2011, that we will test shortly, and compare it to the Scorpio Blue 750 GB. The Blue Edition notebook drives are Western Digital's answer to those looking for a value-oriented notebook solution, since there are no Green Edition options in the 2.5-inch form factor.

WD Scorpio Blue 750GB

Look and Feel

It's a hard drive, so there isn't much to say about it, but the Western Digital Scorpio Blue 750 GB is neatly designed. Weighing in at 150 grams, the PCB has been tightly pressed against the drive body, obviously to prevent any component from touching any external surface. Additionally, the components on the PCB can dissipate some heat by being in touch with the metal casing enclosing the platters. The drive itself is slim, in fact slimmer than some of the 250 GB notebook drives we've seen a couple of years back. Western Digital's "Blue" moniker is easy to spot - all their drives are colour coded, Black Editions have black graphics, and so on. Owing to its compactness, the drive also feels pretty solid. The build lines are pretty tight.


[RELATED_ARTICLE]The model number for this Western Digital Scorpio Blue 750 GB is WDC WD7500BVPT. Weighing a mere 150 grams, it is based on a two-platter design. This means Western Digital managed to cram a massive 375 GB on each platter of the Scorpio Blue 750 GB - quite an achievement, considering that a year ago, this was the maximum amount of data that could be packed on to a 3.5-inch platter! The Scorpio Blue 750 GB has a SATA 2.0 interface, and a buffer of 8 megabytes. Western Digital claims a read/write power consumption of 1.6 watts, and an idle power consumption of 0.65 watts. The WD7500BVPT comes with a standard 3 year warranty. Note that Black Edition drives sport a 5 year warranty.


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Capacity: 750 GB; No. of platters: 2; Buffer: 8 MB; spindle speed: 5,400 rpm; weight: 150 grams

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