Digit Zero1 Awards 2012: Monitors and MFDs

December 29, 2012, 8:32 IST

Team Digit

Digit Test Centre is proud to announce the winners of the Zero1 Awards 2012: Monitors and MFDs
Digit Zero1 Awards 2012: Monitors and MFDs

Monitors was a segment where apart from lower prices for larger screen sizes, there wasn’t much happening. There was more variety in terms of panels. Most of the monitors we tested this year were LED backlit LCD models and the number of 27-inch monitors we received this year was quite something. 3D monitors were not that hot this year, although we did get a couple of them. We were pleased to have passive 3D monitors among us, in fact that is the one thing that was different from last year, where you needed an NVIDIA 3D Vision kit to really enjoy 3D content on your monitor.

BenQ EW2430V (Zero1 Winner)

BenQ EW2430V won the Zero1 award this year for its brilliant overall performance across most of our tests. It is a PVA-panel based monitor and comes on a sturdy silver-coloured stand sporting a glossy black bezel. In terms of performance it offered an amazing contrast ratio of 1439:1 at 100 per cent brightness levels. The BenQ XL2420T was the only other monitor which came close to it in terms of pure performance. Black levels were the best on the EW2430.

Worthy Mentions

BenQ XL2420T

BenQ XL2420T is the successor to last year’s Zero1 winner BenQ XL2410T. In terms of performance this was the next best monitor and it packed a boatload of features which made this monitor worth the recommendation. It is a 3D LED backlit LCD monitor targetted at gamers with special options to save upto three gamer profiles. It comes with a black equaliser to get more details from the shadow areas. It employs active 3D. Apart from that you also get other dedicated profiles for movie, text, etc. It comes with a mouse-like accessory called the S-switch along with the monitor to control the OSD with the help of three buttons and a scroll wheel. Black equaliser option is another plus allowing you to extract maximum detail from shadowy areas.

Dell S2740L

This is a 27-inch monitor we got towards the end of the year which performed well. It gave a contrast ratio of 630:1 at brightness and contrast levels of 50 per cent. The build quality on this monitor is top notch. It does have a highly reflective screen though. The screen tends to merge with the bezel thereby preventing dust accumulation. It is geared more towards multimedia use or in some cases as a secondary TV screen.

Philips 273P3LPH

This 27-inch monitor sported a TN-panel and was the sturdiest monitor we tested. The stand was height-adjustable and had a rotating base. It had special infrared sensors to detect the presence of a user and accordingly adjust the brightness. The only pain were the touch sensitive buttons on the monitor. Its contrast ratio was 908:1 at 100 per cent brightness levels and its colour reproduction was quite good. Viewing angles aren’t that great but its black levels were quite decent and it was a pleasure to watch HD movies on this monitor. Its good performance along with an under 20k price point had fetched it the Best Buy award in the 27-inch monitor category.

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