Logitech Wireless Combo MK260 Review


Vishal Mathur

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  • Keyboard is comfortable to use
  • Mouse fits nicely in the hands


  • The build feels plasticky
MRP: 1495
Best price on junglee


At a price of less than Rs. 1,500, the MK260 keyboard and mouse combo makes for a good deal. Use it with a PC under normal usage, or use the wireless capability to the fullest with an HTPC setup.

Wireless keyboard and mouse combos have become quite a rage these days. With most people trying to get the freedom from a wired keyboard and a wired mouse, a wireless combo seems to be the way to go. With most people getting larger displays for the PC, and using them more and more for viewing movies, a wireless keyboard is essential to operate the PC while sitting quite far away from it. Logitech has an awesome range of wireless combos available. Which is why, when I got my hands on the MK260, it was with a lot of hope that this one will perform well, while on a budget. Let’s find out if it actually does.

First Impression

[RELATED_ARTICLE]The keyboard is dressed in plastic all through, and a matte black and grey finish. The build is quite okay, but feels a bit plasticky to hold and use. A bit of pressure from the two sides and you can even hear it creaking! However, the matte finish does ensure that it remains free from smudges and possible scratches. Maintaining glossy products is literally impossible, with the smudges, dust and scratches engulfing the product within minutes. Logitech says that the keys are specially coated to prevent the keys from fading with constant use. The mouse has the same matte black finish with a tinge of gray running along the edges of the top side. Matte finish again, which is a huge energy saver, if you like to clean up smudges, that is!


The unified receiver helps you connect the PC with both the keyboard and the mouse, with literally no installation required. The keyboard is powered by 2 AAA batteries and the mouse requires 1AA battery. It is surprising why the battery needs AA batteries and not the AAA type. AAA type would have reduced the weight of the mouse, making it even more comfortable to use. Installation of the combo drivers on the PC takes a couple of minutes. No manual installation is required, and neither is any additional software needed.



Read on to know more about the performance, our verdict and the price...

2.4GHz RF USB based receiver Unified Type Dedicated web access keys Dedicated media keys Keyboard powered by 2AAa batteries Mouse powered by 1AA battery Works with Windows, Mac and Linux

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