Sony Ericsson W100i Review


Michael Browne

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  • Compact and sleek
  • Good build quality
  • Decent performer


  • Basic camera
  • Quirk in keypad
  • Bundled earphones need upgrading
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MRP: 5600


At Rs. 5,600 the Spiro is a good handset, but it has a couple of issues that include a poor quality headset and a quirky number keypad. As such, there are better features available on cheaper handsets from smaller manufacturers, but the SE Spiro is a nice, cute and well built handset for those wanting a phone and a music player. Just buy a set of aftermarket earphones.

Sony Ericsson has been maintaining a steady flow of Walkman handsets in the market. The W100i is another of these. Yet SE manages to inject just enough of uniqueness to each Walkman phone, not to make us go “Oh, not another Walkman for review”. The W100i might be a Walkman, but it’s cute enough to enjoy its own niche. This phone is clearly aimed at the mid-range market – those looking at a basic feature set in a phone that doubles as a capable music player.

Look and feel

The W100i compact, tiny even, and will easily fit the smallest hand. The fairer sex will be happy. Another upside is the phone feels very solid, as if it would survive a fall, this we didn’t test. Although touch-screens are the new craze, sliders are still hot. The sliding action on the Spiro isn’t the best we’ve seen from SE, but it seems robust enough to stand the vigour’s of daily use. The materials used are of good quality and the phone has a nice finish. The rear is matte black, while the front and sides sport a glossy white coat. The Spiro is attractive looking, but in a simplistic, yet chic way.


Well built and compact, the W100i has a nice slider, although we've seen better mechanisms from Sony Ericsson

The rear features a gentle curved design, with a slight bulge towards the centre of the device – this is part of SE’s “human design” philosophy. The space on the rear is shared by the SE monogram, a large speaker vent and the cutaway for the camera lens. The 3.5mm jack is located conveniently on the top. The large, flush-fit volume rocker is located on the right and thanks to good feedback and indentations on the surface, it’s pretty usable. The unprotected micro USB port is located on the left side. Incidentally, the microSD card is hot swappable, as the battery needn’t be removed.

There is a cluster of tiny buttons on the front, beneath the display. The four-way joypad and centre button have the usual functions within the menu system and double as Walkman controls – this is a design SE has been using for some time with their Walkman phones, and we see no reason to tamper with a working formula. Call accept/reject buttons are flanked by other function keys and small, but thanks to slightly raised edges, they’re quite usable, although you’ll have to use your nails or the edges of your fingers.

Slide it open and you’re greeted to a black numeric keypad with dim orange backlighting – nothing fancy, but it works. The number keypad is reasonably spaced out, and this makes up, to a certain extent to the distinct lack of bevelling on the keypad. The “zero” key, seems to be slightly recessed, owing to the slightly concave design on the keypad, and this causes a major problem while messaging because the spacebar function is mapped to this key. Owing to the slight dip, this key is somewhat of an ergonomic blunder that takes getting used to. Also, the delete key is on the facia, and not on the keypad – this takes getting used to, but even Nokia phones have the same problem; not that this is an excuse for it. As such typing on the keypad is a good experience, with the exception mentioned above.


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Network: GSM 800/1900; Platform: proprietary; Display: 2.2-inches, 240 x 320 pixels, 256K colours; Memory: 5 MB internal, microSD expansion; Camera: 2-megapixel; Battery: 930 mAh; Weight: 90 grams

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